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Tampa Bay, Tampa, FL

Tampa Bay, Tampa, FL


About the database

One of several urban terrain databases included in the Virtual Reality Scene Generator (VRSG) database is the geospecific high-resolution inset of Tampa Bay, Tampa, Florida.

The dataset was built in 2024 for a project to virtually replicate a live Special Forces Operations training exercise that was carried out in Tampa Bay in 2022. The project involved the MVRsimulation terrain team creating a detailed virtual representation of Tampa Bay, including geospecific models of multiple buildings (including the Tampa Convention Center), the Tampa Bay shoreline, and the yacht which is permanently moored in Tampa Bay.

Terrain details

The creation of the Tampa Bay inset utilized CyberCity 3D's high-resolution model, textured using CityEngine. The 3D city models were compiled into the existing VRSG Tampa terrain dataset, which is part of VRSG's Southeast CONUS NAIP terrain drive. This dataset includes 1-meter NAIP imagery and elevation data compiled from 10-meter NED, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the region.

Over 32,000 buildings populate the terrain. These procedural city models were created using CityEngine, generated based on building footprints. High-resolution geospecific models of various buildings, including the Tampa Convention Center, 345 Bay Shore Condominiums, and other structures around the bay, were created by MVRsimulation, further enhancing details of the virtual Tampa Bay area.

Integrated road vectors from OpenStreetMap were used to depict the road infrastructure around downtown Tampa, and several geotypical bridges were added near downtown Tampa to mimic real-world structures.

The downtown area was further populated with 4,096 tree models for added realism.

The terrain incorporated bathymetric data at a 3-meter resolution from NOAA to create the underlying shore elevation.

Real time 3D model of Yacht StarShip, part of the VRSG model library, pictured in MVRsimulation's Tampa Bay terrain.

MVRsimulation’s Tampa Bay inset is available as part of the Southeast US region of CONUS NAIP terrain, available to  customers who are on active VRSG software maintenance. The terrain is provided in MVRsimulation's round-earth terrain format and will only run with a valid VRSG software license with valid software maintenance.