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MVRsimulation Company Profile

MVRsimulation Company Profile

Company Profile

MVRsimulation is a privately held small virtual business that develops software and 3D content for building and rendering 3D simulated environments. The 3D environments are primarily used for military simulation training in systems that range from desktops to immersive domes. Since our inception, the company maintains no formal physical corporate presence rather all employees work from small home offices communicating via virtual private networks with a centralized leased data center acting as the cloud.

From the very beginning, we have focused on developing software for off-the-shelf Windows computers, Microsoft DirectX graphics environment, and the latest commercial game-based technologies to offer 3D real-time simulated visualization of the real world.

Our main goal is to provide the best, cost-effective, real-time simulation software products for warfighter training. We specialize in building and rendering geographically accurate 3D virtual terrain from real-world imagery, elevation data, and any available geospatial vector data. While striving to improve the quality of realism in simulation at the level of terrain detail needed for high-fidelity realism in contiguous air-to-ground or ocean-based simulation training exercises.

Our Virtual Reality Scene Generator™ (VRSG™) image generator, 3D terrain generation tools, and 3D terrain and 3D models are used mainly by U.S. Armed Forces and several NATO partners for applications such as flight simulators, UAS/RPA trainers, mission planning and rehearsal training, joint fires and close air support JTAC simulation training, and urban operations training.

MVRsimulation co-founders Richard Rybacki and W. Garth Smith first worked together at a DOD consulting firm in the mid-1990s on a research project that involved connecting multiple offices to a simulation intranet using the DIS protocols, which were relatively new at the time. They witnessed the growing market for PC-based 3D gaming and saw potential value in developing a real-time texture-mapping visualization/simulation application for Windows PCs. The first release of Virtual Reality Scene Generator (VRSG) was in 1997. Of course, back then they didn't expect the market to grow as much as it has. Among the early adopters of MVRsimulation's technology were the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Army for training fixed-wing pilots and UAV operators.

The success MVRsimulation has achieved in the market has been the result of customers pushing us to innovate to meet their requirements. For example, we developed our round-earth patented terrain format in 2003, as result of feedback and requirements we received from customers involved in fixed-wing pilot and RPA/UAV pilot and sensor operator training who wanted whole-earth virtual terrain coverage. We add customer-requested features at no additional charge, which is relatively unique offering in any segment of the software industry and a major part of our business strategy.

MVRsimulation's engineering staff brings experience from the simulation and training and game industries; we consider this collective knowledge base our greatest commodity. We staff our company based on the market demand, and throughout our 20+ year history we have never had to downsize our staff levels.