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VRSG Real-Time 3D Ocean Simulation

VRSG Real-Time 3D Ocean Simulation


MVRsimulation VRSG supports 3D ocean simulations by simulating 3D ocean sea states and wakes. VRSG can simulate realistic 3D wave motion, 12 Beaufort scale sea states, vessel surface motion, 3D wakes and particle spray, and accurate environment reflections. VRSG also supports bathymetric data in MVRsimulation’s round-earth terrain format for shoreline wave shape and opacity. This new capability integrates with existing terrain databases and simulations.

Entities with DIS enumerations in the surface domain (domain 3) or subsurface domain (domain 4) will properly clamp to the ocean surface and will generate wakes automatically. Secondary effects such as helicopter rotor wash or impacts from detonations appear upon the ocean surface as a combination of circular waves and particle spray effects.

VRSG supports the bathymetric data of terrain built in MVRsimulation Terrain Tools for Esri ArcGIS. Adding increased fidelity to shorelines, VRSG renders the compiled underwater geometry of the ocean sea floor.

A network interface enables DIS hosts such as Battlespace Simulations’ Modern Air Combat Environment (MACE) to query the ocean surface to support their 3D boat dynamics simulation. In addition to supporting VRSG's 3D ocean sea states, MACE has its own physics-based hydrodynamic model which can be used to depict physics-based real-time rendering of vessel behavior.

On the VRSG Dashboard you can specify several characteristics of the ocean body and sea vessel motion on the ocean surface. You can also customize an entity’s behavior on the ocean surface with ModelMap commands. For example, you can customize how high a given vessel rides in the water, increase the magnitude of generated wakes, or clamp a non-domain 3 or 4 model to the ocean surface.

MVRsimulation welcomes customer feedback for ongoing enhancements to VRSG's 3D ocean simulation. For example, feedback from a customer who is using VRSG 3D sea states in coastal and open-ocean scenarios with CIGI-driven ship and submarine entities has been useful input for our ongoing improvements to hull interaction of domain 4 (submarine) models in the simulated ocean.

MVRsimulation has created three sea-based scenarios that show current VRSG capabilities with 3D ocean simulations:

These scenarios were created with Scenario Editor, which is installed with VRSG.

Note: At present, VRSG supports 3D water at sea-level. VRSG will continue to render bodies of water which lie above sea level (rivers, lakes, and ponds) with its legacy 2D water.