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Damage States

Damage States

Damage States

With MVRsimulation VRSG, you can use particle-based effects for one-time animations such as explosions or muzzle flash effects. By editing particle description files, you can create or customize  particle-based effects. Solid particle effects, which model projectiles with dust trails being cast from detonation events. The scene above not only shows an explosion of solid particle effects, but also buildings on MVRsimulation's modeled Afghanistan village with DIS damage states. Among the village’s 650 models of buildings and other structures are models which have three DIS appearance damage states (slight damage, moderate damage, and destroyed).

VRSG scenes of the building models intact before the explosion and in total damage state after the explosion.

All of MVRsimulation’s entity models have damage states. MVRsimulation is now standardizing on building damage states into its culture models. Thus far, VRSG is delivered with over 300 culture models that contain three damage states (used in a section of the modeled village on the Afghanistan terrain shown in the example below, a few building models of Kismayo, Somalia, and all the building models created for Hajin, Syria, terrain). Most of the culture models with damage states are of buildings; a few are tree models.

Click here to see all culture models in MVRsimulation's 3D model libraries that contain damage states.

Example of three damage states of a culture model (afghan-building-3B-142).


Cultural Models with Damage States


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