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Product Maintenance and Technical Support

Product Maintenance and Technical Support



Technical support for your VRSG and Terrain Tools software licenses is provided by our software engineers. Software maintenance enables you to install and execute the latest developed software, including all of the currently developed features. When you contact for technical support, you will be asked to provide the licensed product dongle ID number, as this information will help us better assist you with a response and provide a solution. A software engineer may also request additional information about the software’s operating condition, including certain configuration and log files.


Summary of MVRsimulation's software maintenance and technical support

Maintenance and technical support includes:

  • Email response from MVRsimulation to reports of problems encountered in a software product.
  • Email and telephone assistance from MVRsimulation about product installation and use.
  • Product updates, upgrades, patches, and enhancements to the software that MVRsimulation generally releases to its customers during the maintenance and support period.
  • Access to software patches, software updates intended to fix reported errors, and releases of the version of the software product licensed. During the active maintenance period, all software releases for a specific software license are available at no additional cost via download from our FTP site.

Maintenance and technical support are only provided for the current released version of these software products:


MVRsimulation provides all maintenance and technical support remotely during its normal business hours. Please contact us if you require onsite technical support or additional training. A new, perpetual use software license of VRSG or Terrain Tools provides for the first year of software maintenance and technical support, at no additional charge. Thereafter, you should consider renewing the maintenance and support coverage to extend the active maintenance period annually. If expired, you will not be able to run software releases issued after the expiration of your software license's maintenance period.

Following the active software maintenance period, you can renew software maintenance and technical support by purchasing directly from MVRsimulation. This is offered as an annual purchase and the period of performance can be managed to meet your budgetary requirements. Request a quotation for annual software maintenance. Reviving expired software maintenance and technical support will include any pro-rated expired timed from the last date of active maintenance. Additional information, details regarding your specific license and any limitations can be found in our Software License Agreement and by contacting MVRsimulation sales.

MVRsimulation makes available use of the VRSG and Terrain Tools software during the purchasing cycle, by providing you a temporary unlock code for your license(s). The temporary date coincides with the expected completion of the purchasing cycle. Upon request, MVRsimulation will provide a long term authentication license in the form of an unlock code when the amounts associated with the license of the software product and any other services or materials identified in the Purchase Order, are paid in full. The one (1) year period of active software maintenance and technical support for your license(s) begins upon your receipt of the permanent unlock code, but no later than twenty-four (24) months from the initial acceptance of the Purchase Order.

See "About Your Dongle" for information and instructions to request your updated dongle ID unlock code.


Support for Earlier software versions

With the release of MVRsimulation VRSG version 6.6, we no longer sell or distribute earlier versions of VRSG. We no longer provide software maintenance and technical support for VRSG versions 3 and 4, or for the retired software products WorldPerfect™ and Metadesic™ Compiler. The warranty period for these software products has expired. Customers of the retired terrain generation products WorldPerfect and Metadesic Compiler must upgrade to the current version of MVRsimulation’s Terrain Tools for ArcGIS software with the purchase of active software maintenance.

Contact MVRsimulation sales for more information about your specific license agreement.

Prior to the installation of a new version of a MVRsimulation software product, removal of the previous version of the product from the system on which the new version will be installed is required.

Hardware has one-year free labor and parts depot for any defective component as a result of normal use. The customer shall pay shipping charges to and MVRsimulation will pay shipping from the production facility using economy ground service for any returned parts. All returns require prior authorization.



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