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MVRsimulation Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Procedure

MVRsimulation Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Procedure


MVRsimulation Return Policy and RMA procedure for damaged dongles

MVRsimulation will replace a damaged dongle if you return, at a minimum, the electronic circuitry to MVRsimulation along with a MVRsimulation-allocated Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. MVRsimulation will not replace a dongle for which you only return the plastic housing or metallic connector without the corresponding electronic circuitry.

Damaged dongles must be photographed or scanned and the images must be emailed to MVRsimulation before an RMA will be issued. Include in the photo or scan the lot sticker located on the outside of the dongle. In addition to the lot sticker, MVRsimulation may need the ID number of the dongle. Please see our web page on identifying your dongle. (Note: Your IT department may track the dongle ID number.)

Contact to obtain an RMA number.

Return a damaged dongle shipped via a return receipt mechanism such as the U.S. Postal Service delivery confirmation with signature or certified mail return receipt. MVRsimulation charges a nominal shipping/handling fee for replacing a damaged dongle.

MVRsimulation Return Policy and RMA procedure for hardware systems

If you have a hardware problem and cannot diagnose it, please email hardware technical support at, Please describe the problem in detail in email so a member of our technical support group can determine the best course of action.

To return hardware for repair:

1) You must first obtain an RMA number by sending email to with the problem description.

2) Once you have obtained an RMA number, you must email the FedEx shipping number to MVRsimulation ( Please place the RMA number in the subject line. If the tracking information is not sent, this will significantly delay when the units are received and available for repair or upgrade. Your RMA email must contain the following information:

  • Description of the anomalous behavior
  • Description of how to reproduce the anomalous behavior
  • Complete serial number of the computer
  • Return address for the system that must include
  • Full street address with a point of contact that includes:
    - Email address
    - Phone contact information
    - Federal Express tracking number for return shipments
    - Reference number to be used on the Federal Express shipment to show authorization of shipment and for your billing tracking purposes

3) When your system is read to be shipped, please contact MVRsimulation for the delivery address.

We only accept Federal Express shipments insured for full value. The Buyer ships the system to our production facility at his/her own cost. The Seller pays for return shipments via UPS Ground Service or FedEx Express Saver.

4) Place the RMA number on the outside of the box and include the full description of step 2) listed above as a printout on the inside of the box.

5) If possible, use the FedEx website service or option that enables you to specify that the recipient should receive email when the system is shipped and when the system arrives and is signed for at the destination.

6) All installation discs and manuals for all hardware drivers and software applications are required to be with the returned system. Please describe the final configuration of the system, as it should appear. Note, without the return of Microsoft Operating System CDs no replacement of the Windows software can be made.

7) All systems must be sent double-boxed with at least two inches of padding separating the inner and outer boxes. A plastic ruggedized shipping container is recommended. We are not responsible for physical damage that may result from The Buyer not taking proper precautions in packaging the return unit. All shipments must be double boxed or in a ruggedized shipping container. A packing slip must be provided with the shipment.

8) If you are returning a system for a system upgrade, you must complete the Quote Request form. To be eligible for return, hardware items must not exhibit physical damage. 



All policies on this page are subject to change without notice.
(February 2023)