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Rick Husband Amarillo Intl Airport (KAMA)

Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport (KAMA)

Geospecific 3D culture models, many of which were built with textures derived from the 5 mm and 2 cm imagery, include 85 airport buildings and other structures, 113 airport signs, and 18 runway lights. Other 3D cultural elements include:

  • 69,708 Esri® CityEngine building models, populating Amarillo with residential, industrial, and commercial building types. Windows include emissive light textures for nighttime viewing. Building heights were derived from Lidar data.
  • CityEngine roads of Amarillo, built as a model and compiled into the terrain tiles. Road coverage of major roads and residential streets includes lane lines, sidewalks, and crosswalks.
  • 229,906 tree points (including height data) within Amarillo, derived from Lidar data. (Tree points were extracted from an LAS dataset with this tool.)
  • 2D extruded fences with a wire fence texture surrounding the airport, and geolocated pole placement of powerlines models near the airport.

Details on how this Airport was made.

Details on how this Airport was made.